Marketing in 21st Century: Piece of cake or a headache for businesses?


Ask any entrepreneur who started their business 30 or 40 years ago about their initial marketing strategies. The options may have been limited back then – Yellowpages, local newspapers, magazines, television etc., although their ability to reach a wide customer base was beyond imagination. Business owners were content with their broad-angled strategies that enabled them to reach such a wide audience with so little work. Having said that, things were about to change radically for the budding entrepreneurs of the late 20th century as the internet was just around the corner to amaze everyone and change the way everything was done.

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Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur?


The word Entrepreneur is thrown around a lot these days without a lot of attention to one fact – what makes a person a real Entrepreneur? Like many definitions in business context for concepts such as leadership, management, risk, transformation etc., scholars have long argued over a singular definition for Entrepreneurship. Nonetheless, for the sake of this article the definition by Prof. H Stevenson of the Harvard Business School (1) gives a deeper

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Motivation in the workplace – Exploring Hertzberg’s theory of motivation


Origins of the word Motivation lie in the Latin word ‘Movere’, which means to move. The modern definition of motivation has changed over the time and evolved. One definition is that motivation is the way to encourage employees to give their best performance.

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